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Whether you were born in the 80s, grew up listening to 1980s music, or where born after that infamous decade, hearing the term ā€œ1980sā€ will more than likely make you think of something special, so it is no surprise that the 1980s is officially the most favoured music decade of the last 50 years.

Back to the 1980’s

The 80s had three different feels to it. The early 80s were like a hangover from the late 70s, think disco, feathered hair, and Lacoste polo shirts. The mid 80s had bigger, bright colored clothes and wavy hair with some length. The late 80s brought stone washed jeans, tight clothes, big teased hair, high heeled boots, and glam rock. Every part of the decade was different to the last.

Only the wealthy owned mobile phones, Commodore 64 and Apple II were the main computers and up until around 1986-87, the arcade was the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Atari 2800 were the big home gaming systems, however by 1985-86 the first Nintendo System began to show up in homes and the original systems began to fade in popularity. It was the NES that was the rage from there on.

In the Eighties, we loved wild colors. In New Edition’s “Cool It Now”, every group member wore a different bold shade ā€“ reds, yellow, blue and even head-to-toe teal. We also loved leg warmers (Olivia Newton John), hairspray (Bananarama), big earrings (Cyndi Lauper), fingerless lace gloves (Madonna), oversized tops (Belinda Carlisle) and neon (Wham!).

1980s music was the start of a new era. A new breed of mega-stars emerged, defining the decade through fashion, talent and persona. These stars influenced fashion through their music videos and their songs set the standard for what music should be. The main reason that these super-stars emerged was largely down to their genuine talent, however there was also a greater public interest in celebrity gossip, fashion and an increased obsession with pop culture.


One of the most important events to influence music during the 1980s was the creation of MTV. They were the first network to exclusively showcase music videos and this would change music forever. Music in the 1980s was all about image and with the launch and growing popularity of MTV, the images that artists portrayed became more important than ever. It was no longer just about the music and lyrics but had quickly become about the fashion and theatrics. In the golden era of MTV, a band knew that they had made it once they had their first million-dollar video.

When it came to music during the decade, nothing was understated, not the sound and certainly not the fashion. Several new genres became main stream including, Hip Hop, New Wave and Hair Metal, all of which have influenced music today.

The music of any decade leaves a lasting impression on generations to come, for those that lived through it as well as those that will come to appreciate it later. Not only did 1980s pop music define who we were, but the music held the anthems of our daily lives.

As with any decade of pop music, the 80s had its share of both pop icons and one hit wonders. The king and queen of the 80s pop music scene would certainly be Michael Jackson and Madonna but there was a magnitude of others to choose from.

With the overall comeback of the 1980s, the music of the 80s is now being appreciated by a new generation at music events all over the world and Artist Entertainment have direct access to many of those original 80s celebrities who are available to hire for your next event. We have an extensive roster of celebrities from 1980s music to choose from and have contacts within the music business who can find virtually anyone.

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