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Hiring a Celebrity DJ or choosing a Celebrity Reality TV Star to hire for a promotion or launch to attract customers is not a new idea. If it is done correctly, hiring a celebrity can make your event a great success and increase your footfall and profits. To an average person, the opportunity to meet a famous face is very exciting and to say that they partied with a hired celebrity adds to their experience and memory of the event and venue.

Below, Artist Entertainment have pointed out some things to consider when hiring a celebrity or music talent to help you make the right choice and to help you maximise the success of your event.

Think About Your Budget

Before you hire a celebrity you need to make sure that you evaluate your profits and loss. This includes your admission fee, average customer bar spend and venue capacity versus how much you have to spend on a celebrity to hire. Even if the numbers break even or you could potentially make a loss, it could still help give a new venue a much needed boost or help launch a new promotion at your nightclub and be beneficial to the overall perception of the venue or event.

Choosing Which Celebrity To Hire

It is essential to research who is the right celebrity to hire for your venue. You would not want to hire a UK Garage DJ for a rock concert and it would not be practical to book a number one selling celebrity boy band when your venue can only hold 200 people. It is important to hire a celebrity that fits your clientele and not just hire celebrities that you happen to like. It should not be a personal opinion but what your market commands.

Make sure to choose wisely between Reality TV Star Celebrities and Celebrity DJ’s. Many Reality TV Stars are newly famous and have a reasonable fee whereas a celebrity pop group with numerous chart topping hits may cost more. However, it is still more important to choose celebrities for hire based on your event and not just your budget.

Don’t Forget Social Media & Video

When you want to book celebrities for hire be sure to do your research. How many followers or likes does each celebrity have on Twitter and Facebook? Do they also use Instagram? It is important to ask the celebrity you hire to promote the event via their social media platforms. Do not wait until the last minute to start getting the word out there. Perhaps you could prepare possible tweets, posts and other social media elements for the guest celebrity to use.

It is always beneficial to include graphics, photos and video. It is common practice for companies to get Tweets and Likes from the celebrities they hire when they visit their establishment. This also adds credibility to your event. Where possible get Tweets and Posts in advance as well as on the occasion.

Marketing The Hired Celebrity and Your Event

When you hire a celebrity or hire a DJ do not assume that this will instantly mean your event will be a success. It essential to implement a full marketing plan in order to let people know that the celebrity or celebrities you hire are going to be there. There are various different ways to market an event including in house advertising, flyer distribution and posters, social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, staff promotion, radio, text and email campaigns, magazines, press releases and local websites.

Get together a team of good promoters. If you can get featured in a local newspaper then this is a fantastic way of reaching a larger demographic. Always try to collect a guest list before, during and after an event. This will not only help you to market future events but will also help you determine your target market and the most popular celebrities to hire for your future events.

The Big Celebrity Event

Always look after your hired celebrity. Go that extra mile to ensure that when you hire a celebrity they are looked after and have everything they need such as food and drinks. Ensure that you have proper security for the celebrity, including hiring extra if required. Have a VIP area set up with a dedicated member of staff to look after your hired celebrities. Organise a Host or Manager to walk the celebrities in and out of the venue. Make the most of your celebrity, build their arrival up and be sure to announce when the celebrity arrives. Hire a Professional Photographer to take photos or consider hiring a Videographer to film the event and have a promo created to prove that the hired celebrity did indeed attend your event.

The Celebrity Has Left The Building

During and after the event remember to continue using all of your social media and marketing platforms to get as much longevity out of your special celebrity guest appearance. Be sure to pay attention to the finer details. If you are arranging the travel arrangements and/or accommodation for the hired celebrity ensure that everything has been well planned and is organized in advance. How you execute the event will not only ensure your attendees enjoy themselves but also the hired celebrities and their guests.

The above are some helpful ideas on how to hire a celebrity to help you get the most out of your booking. We want your celebrity booking experience to be the best it can be.

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