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Known for his famous hook, ‘We’re loving it, loving it, loving it’ Ivor Novella award winning MC DT is one of the UK Garage scenes pioneers. Exploiting his vocal talent from the tender age of 7, when he used to grab the mic at events such as Notting Hill Carnival and a selection of private and family functions (accompanied by his mum!) MC DT cites his inspirations as reggae stars such like Yellowman and Ninjaman. As MC DT got older he set up a sound system called Leo International with some of his secondary school friends, such was his popularity he was soon enticed over to a more established sound system called Stereo Mellow, where he applied his skill to reggae, soul and Hip Hop events all over the country. MC DT still does Carnival every year without fail.

His second to none reputation also won him guest slots with major players including Saxon, Coxson and King Tubby’s who were resident at all major Carnival and festival events.

By the early nineties MC DT’s notoriety earned him a slot on one of the main pirate stations of the time, Eruption 101.3FM, which was strictly Jungle, the sound of the moment, and was to meet drum and bass legends like Brian G, Jumping Jack Frost, Skibadee, Shabba D, Moose, Five-0. Major promoters including Roast, Thunder and Joy and London Sumting were falling over themselves trying to book this new blood and MC DT became a very busy man. However, soon his whole career was to suddenly completely change direction.

After one particular job at a jungle event MC DT and his crew decided to party on at the infamous Horny at Legends club (now known as Embassy club, London) which was a highly popular UK Garage promotion at the time. MC’s were not really common place on the garage scene at this time and the DJ at Horny was playing without any vocal aid – MC DT took his chance – grabbed a microphone from his car and after getting the go ahead from the Horny promoters he proceeded to raise the vibe from ‘bubbling under’ to ‘absolutely firing’ and an excellent night was had by all, as well as a residency at Horny for its duration over the next four years.

With the Garage Scene still being relatively underground, Horny was one of the main London nights within this genre and attracted a lot of then up and coming Garage promoters like La Coca Nostra, Sun City, Twice as Nice, Pure Silk and Rags to Riches, who all proceeded to book MC DT regularly and still do to this day.

The rest is history – MC DT is now one of the biggest, most popular and most loveable MC’s on the scene, playing clubs and venues throughout the UK including Harmony (Midlands), Seven Wonders (Leeds/Huddersfield), Garage Nation (Nationwide), Back 2 95, La Cosa Nostra (Various), S’moove (Ministry of Sound). The list is endless.

Not forgetting his international work, which has taken him to Japan 3 times with two specially recorded tracks for an album released to Japan label Pony Canyon Records, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Ibiza (Twice as Nice/Pure Silk), Ayia Napa (Various), Tenerife (Various), Marbella, Portugal, Kavos, Zante, Falaraki, South Africa and Croatia, In short MC DT has performed for the biggest and best Clubs and Promotions the international Garage scene has to offer.

He has been inundated with requests to feature on various tracks – the most recent of which is the massive clubs tune ‘Do You Really Like It?’ in which he was responsible for the famous line, ‘We’re Loving it, Loving it, Loving it’ This record went straight to number one in the charts. Major record companies were beating down the door trying to sign this one.

He was also responsible for the massive club hit ‘Jump Up’. MC DT also landed himself an acting part in two British Movies called ‘One Man And His Dog’ and a cameo part in ‘Rise of the Foot Soldier’, he has done numerous TV appearances with Dick and Dom, CDUK, Live and Kicking, MTV, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks to name a few.

MC DT at present now owns his own recording studio and is developing fresh new talent.

‘Twist’, with Hot City on production, which has been signed to Moshi Moshi record label,

‘Foot Prints’ by MC DT & MK1,

‘Bull Spit’ by MC DT – Shaodow – Lady Marga – Phillippa Lusty,

‘Bring It Back’ by MC DT – Havva – Filly,

‘Up In My Business’ by MC DT & Libra,

‘Dutty Weekend’ by MC DT – Funky Dee – Hype Kronik – FT,

‘It’s A London Thing’ by MC DT & Scott Garcia, which has been signed to Ice Cream records, these are available on iTunes now

With an album set to be ready to hit the streets and his own radio show on Fridays 6-8pm and a television program to be broadcasted, watch this space for further installments as MC DT conquers the World.